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Client : State of Illinois Lake County Court House, Waukegan IL Contractor: Mechanical Inc.

Project details

State of the Art Design

  • Weil Pump Duplex Sump Pump with Dynamic Pump Controls
  • Weil Pump Duplex Sewage Ejector with Dynamic Pump Controls
  • Daugherty Sales Oil Smart System with battery back up

Justice Served: Lake County’s new courthouse fortified with eight Weil Pump Company duplex pumping systems

Rising nine stories, this 215,000 square foot courthouse tower includes courtrooms, administrative offices, jury assembly rooms and deliberation areas. Below grade, the tower features a basement level for restricted parking and a sub-basement central mechanical plant and connecting tunnel level. 

Working together with the consulting engineers, Daugherty Sales helped design a courthouse for the future. Mechanical Inc, the plumbing contractor, expertly installed eight different duplex sets of Weil Pump sump and sewage ejectors along with the specified control panels. Case closed!

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