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Client : Epic Systems, Verona, WI Contractor: Monona Plumbing

Project details

State of the Art Design

  • VC Systems Quadraplex Booster System
  • VC Systems Triplex Booster System
  • VC Systems Duplex Booster System
  • Variable Speed Green Design 1000GPM

Domestic Pressure Booster Systems with Epic Proportions

When Epic Systems was designing their 300M state of the art campus for their employee’s, this innovative company turned to VC Systems for their booster system pumping needs. Daugherty Sales in conjunction with VC Systems and the specifying Engineering Group X-NTH, designed a series of duplex, triplex and quadraplex variable booster systems to support this sprawling campus. From the design phase, to installation, to system startup each pressure booster system performed exactly to the engineering and manufactures specifications.

Like Epic Systems creating exceptional software for their clients, VC Systems and Daugherty Sales create pressure booster systems you can rely on now and many years in the future. Call Daugherty Sales today +1 847.956.8844