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Client : United States Department of Energy, Fermi Lab. Batavia IL Contractor: Numerous

Project details

State of the Art Design

  • Weil Pump Packaged Lift Stations
  • Weil Pump NEMA 4X DDDF Dynamic Pump Controls
  • Capacities up to 1200 Gallons Per minute

When great things collide. Fermi Lab and Weil Pump Company

Thanks to recent upgrades to the main Injector, Fermilabs flagship accelerator, Fermi Lab scientists have produced 700 kilowatt proton beams for their labs experiments. 

The Main Injector accelerator provides a massive number of protons to create particles called neutrinos, elusive particles that influence how our universe has evolved. Neutrinos are the second-most abundant matter particles in our universe. Trillions pass through us every second without leaving a trace. 

And who keeps all this brainpower dry? Daugherty Sales and Weil Pump Company. Numerous packaged lift stations where installed around Fermi’s main accelerator loop moving thousands of gallons through the system. Duplex sump pumps, intricate controls, bells, horns, lights – perfect for any brainy Engineer. Spec Better. Spec Daugherty Sales and Weil Pump Co. Call Today 847.956.8844